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Simple Ways To Improve Your Health With Bee Propolis

In our previous blog post , we explained what is propolis, and talked on the benefits of taking bee propolis everyday. On this post, we will explain various uses for propolis by showing you various propolis products available now! This includes propolis capsules, propolis spray for throat, propolis toothpaste, propolis lozenges, propolis tincture and propolis soap. 

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Propolis is often used for a wide range of health benefits including support of allergies and even propolis for skincare. 
To get optimal results and benefits, use consistently on a daily basis. Learn more from Avoca Q&A.

Bee Propolis Capsules

Bee propolis capsules are an easy, convenient way to look after your health, it is also easy to travel with and does not require refrigeration.

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Bee Propolis Capsules - Avoca - 500mg

We also offer higher strength propolis capsules. Manuka South Extra Strength Propolis (2,000mg) is recommended for anyone looking to specifically target a concern in a shorter duration of time, rather than general wellbeing. It is not necessary to take this strength daily for a long period of time.


Bee Propolis Extract

Bee propolis extract offers a convenient way to apply propolis directly on skin to treat concerns like cold sores, shingles, warts and slow healing wounds. This delivers antioxidant and antimicrobial protection to the direct area of concern.
Propolis Extract on skin: propolis extract may be applied directly onto burns or wounds for pain relief, to aid healing and as a natural antiseptic.
Propolis Extract in water: for oral health and protection against gum disease and dental cavities you may also drop a few drops into a small amount of water and drink or gargle. 


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Bee Propolis Extract


Bee Propolis Spray for Throat

Bee propolis throat spray is used commonly to keep breath fresh, prevent cold sores, soothe a sore throat during a cold or flu and for general oral health. Easy to carry with you and use on the go. Simply spray up to 6 times directly into the mouth as required.

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Bee propolis throat spray

Bee Propolis Toothpaste

Bee propolis toothpaste offers an easy way to incorporate regular propolis into you and your families daily routine as you brush your teeth twice daily. Used to freshen breath, prevent bacteria buildup and plaque, prevent viral cold sores and for general oral health.

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Bee Propolis Toothpaste


Bee Propolis Soap

Propolis for skincare: Bee propolis soap is another way to use propolis daily. Along with using hand sanitiser, washing your hands for 20 seconds and drying them thoroughly are the best ways to prevent getting sick from germs. 

For more information on how to wash your hands properly, click here

Propolis is well-known for its anti-microbial benefits to help keep the skin clean and fresh. Propolis soap will assist in balancing, healing and soothing problematic skin. It also accelerates the rate of cell growth and decongests pores. Propolis soap also protects from bacteria and functions as an anti-inflammatory agent.

You may use it for you hands or body. 

Propolis Soap

Bee Propolis Lozenges

Bee propolis lozenges are commonly used to help soothe an irritated throat, nagging cough or when you are feeling under the weather. With added ingredients including Manuka honey, echinacea, lemon and menthol they not only taste great but can help relieve a sore throat and calm an irritated cough. Individually wrapped to ensure protection amongst germs and easy to travel with. 

 Manuka South Manuka Honey & Bee Propolis Lozenges


We hope this article has provided you with all the information you need on different uses for propolis and how to use propolis correctly!

Please feel free to reach out to us if you require anymore information on how you can best look after your health. 

*This article is not intended to be medical advice; please consult with your doctor about diagnosis and treatment.


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