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The Natural World Manuka Honey Soap 100gm


Indulge in this ultra-gentle vegetable based soap, that will leave your skin feeling soft, refreshed and hydrated. Enjoy the power of 90+% Pure Manuka Pollen Honey*1, with it's sweet natural...

Manuka Honey Watson & Son MGS15+ 500g


Watson & Son Certified MGS15+ Manuka Honey is harvested from some of the most remote and pristine regions of New Zealand, from the flowers of our native Manuka Tree. Watson...

Manuka South Propolis 500mg 365 softgel capsules


There is much research being conducted on propolis benefits at the moment. There are bees on every continent except Antarctica. Every culture has used bee propolis for its helpful qualities. Propolis...

Puresource Thermal Foot Bath - (100g)


A unique mineral Footbath that has been formulated using the essential ingredients found naturally in these pools to soothe and refresh tired, aching feet. Suitable for all skin types.  ...

Puresource Thermal Bath Salts with Lavender - (100g)


Thermal mineral Bath salts blended with Lavender flowers. Lavender is traditionally known for its relaxing properties. Indulgent and relaxing. Suitable for all skin types.   How to use: Sprinkle one tablespoon...

O2B Vitamin B Complex - 100 capsules


O2B Vitamin B complex taken regularly can help provide the body with extra energy, metabolism of fats and protein, for the normal functioning of the nervous system, maintenance of the...

Puresource Thermal Bath Salts with Manuka Leaf - (100g)


Thermal mineral Bath salts blended with Manuka Leaf. Manuka Leaf has traditionally been used for relieving cold and flu symptoms. A soothing, aromatic bath salt that is great for de-stressing....

Puresource Cleansing Bath Soap with Manuka Honey (100g)


This bath soap helps to revitalise your skin. With a rich lather it cleanses your skin and refreshes.  Suitable for sensitive skin. Great for frequent use. Suitable for all skin...

Go Healthy Milk Thistle 50,000mg 60 vege capsules


For gentle detoxification, ideal for support for a healthy liver. GO MILK THISTLE 50,000 supports healthy liver function, helping protect against substances that could potentially cause harm to the liver....

Go Healthy - Bilberry 30,000mg 60 vege capsules


Superior Strength support for eye care. Helps to support healthy eye sight and the ability to cope with eye fatigue and strain GO BILBERRY 30,000mg is a powerful antioxidant that...

Puresource Manuka Honey Gift Pack


Contains: 1 x Manuka Honey Face Cream 1 x Manuka Honey Night Cream 1 x Manuka Honey Eye Cream

Puresource Rotorua Mud Gift Pack


Contains: 1 x Rotorua Thermal Mud Facial Scrub A facial scrub, which is non-drying and pH balanced. The addition of Rotorua mud & Kiwifruit seed provides gentle exfoliation. Herbal extracts...

Go Healthy Co-Q10 300mg VitD 1000IU 60 caps


Supports energy and healthy cholesterol levels, promotes antioxidant health. Go Co-Q10 300mg + Vit D3 is a superior strength, heart health and energy formula, supplied in a convenient, easy to...

Go Healthy Grape Seed 60,000mg 120 vege capsules


Supports cardiovascular function and blood vessel health. Encourages healthy skin and helps with Antioxidant health GO GRAPE SEED 60,000mg contains 445mg of Oligomeric Procyanidins (OPC’s). OPC’s deliver superior antioxidant protection...

Go Healthy Breathe Clear 60 vege capsules


Clear airways for healthy lungs and ongoing support for overall respiratory health. GO BREATHE CLEAR is a comprehensive formulation that provides natural support for healthy respiratory and pulmonary function. The...

Wild Ferns Lanolin Serum Set: Moisturising Facial Lotion, Facial Serum, Eye Serum


Wild Ferns-Lanolin Serum Set-Moisturising Facial Lotion-100ml, Facial Serum-30ml, Eye Serum-15ml Lanolin Moisturising Facial Lotion with Green Tea and Manuka Honey-100ml Help nourish and enrich your skin with hydrating and nourishing...

Antipodes Halo Skin Brightening Volcanic Mud Mask 75g


Mud-paint your face to deeply deliver skin-brightening extracts for instant light and lift. Improve your skin’s appearance with antioxidant compound Vinanza Grape & Kiwi, clinically shown to lighten skin by...

Zealong Organic Black Tea Box - 50g Loose Leaf


Zealong Organic Black tea is a full-bodied, deep-amber liquor with a sweet, honeyed undertone and smooth, silky finish. Zealong teas are hand-picked by only the top three leaves, are certified organic,...

Zealong Organic Green Tea 50g


Zealong’s organic Green tea is a smooth, silky liquor, with a rich taste of floral notes, toasted chestnuts and a subtle sweet finish. Zealong teas are hand-picked by only the top three leaves,...

Zealong Organic Pure Oolong tea 50g


Zealong’s organic Pure oolong tea is sweet with fresh-tasting leaves that are un-roasted, bringing out the pure, natural flavour of the tea. Zealong teas are hand-picked by only the top...

Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Lip Conditioner 4g


This nourishing formula blends the bio-active botanical ingredient kiwi seed oil with nutrient-rich avocado oil to help keep the skin of the lips healthy and hydrated. Ultra-rich in Vitamin C...

Zealong’s Own Chamomile Tea Tin 35g / 15 Tea Bags


This distinctive blend of dreamy Chamomile with a touch of lavender and low caffeine Zealong Black tea will calm and soothe you while you relax and unwind. The Heritage collection...

Zealong Botanicals Ice Breaker Blend Tin 35g / 15 Tea Bags


Ice Breaker Blend – Peppermint & Kawakawa tea The silky liquor of Green tea is enlivened with the coolness of peppermint, a sweet hint of spearmint, and the peppery notes...

Zealong Organic Green Tea Tin 35g / 15 Tea Bags


Zealong’s organic Green tea is a smooth, silky liquor, with a rich taste of floral notes, toasted chestnuts and a subtle sweet finish. Zealong teas are hand-picked by only the top three leaves,...

Zealong Botanicals Green Heart Blend Tin 35g / 15 Tea Bags


Green Heart Blend – Jasmine, Lemongrass & Kawakawa A cleansing blend of Aromatic Oolong tea infused with zesty lemongrass and ginger, the mellow notes from jasmine buds and the fresh...

Zealong Organic Dark Oolong Tea 50g


Zealong’s organic Dark oolong teas are roasted longer to give a rich, deep taste and a hint of charcoal on the nose, yet no bitterness. Zealong teas are hand-picked by...

Zealong Botanicals Lady Gatsby Blend Tin 35g / 15 Tea Bags


Lady Gatsby Blend – Rose, Manuka & Cinnamon An elegant, vibrant Green tea blend with the floral notes of rose petal, the woody spice of manuka, and the lingering sweetness...

Zealong Organic Oolong Tea Tin 35g / 15 Tea Bags


Zealong’s organic Aromatic oolong tea is briefly roasted at high temperatures to produce a clear aroma and taste, with a hint of fruit and flowers. Zealong teas are hand-picked by...

Zealong’s Own Grey Tea Tin 35g / 15 Tea Bags


Zealong’s Own Grey Tea A unique take on a classic blend Zealong’s own Grey is a delicate combination of well-loved herbs and flowers, and just a slight hint of bitter...

Zealong’s Own Breakfast Tea Tin 35g / 15 Tea Bags


Zealong’s Own Breakfast Tea A smooth and mellow Zealong tea with a hint of citrus and a sweet honey aftertaste. Delicious with or without milk at any time of day....

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