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Health Benefits of Propolis - What is Propolis And Why Should We Be Taking It?

What is Propolis?

Along with honey and royal jelly, bees produce propolis. Propolis is a waxy, natural mixture made from the resin of trees. It is used by the bees to seal and repair their hives. While commonly called "bee glue" it does more than hold the hive together, its intrinsic bioactive compounds also protect the hive from bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Through these same properties, propolis offers broad spectrum health support. It has a long standing history in human health, from the Egyptians to the Incas, to the Grecians and Romans propolis has been used to treat a wide range of cold symptoms, promote wound healing and boost immunity. It was used during World War II - known at the time as "Russian Penicillin

Read more on this by  NCBI

"The word propolis is derived from Greek, in which pro stands for “at the entrance to” and polis for “community” or “city,”"

What are the health benefits of propolis?

Taking high quality bee propolis has been indicated to support your overall health and wellbeing through:

Immune Support:

Propolis can provide immune defence support giving you better resistance and ability to recover from illnesses.

Antioxidant Protection:

Naturally high in antioxidant activity, propolis can offer cellular health and bodily protection. This is important especially when the body is under stress. 

At this current time in the world with COVID-19 effecting all corners of the globe, we are all feeling extra stress. Propolis could help you be at your best to stay well and fight off illness.

Propolis can be used throughout your day for continual support and protection through capsules, toothpaste, tinctures, oral sprays and extracts.  

Recommended daily intake has been suggested up to 70 milligrams.

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Propolis has been shown to be a very safe substance. The only people not recommended to take bee propolis are people who are allergic to bee stings or bee pollen. As with any supplement taken in high concentration, it is always advised to consult your pharmacist or GP if you are currently taking any prescription medications.

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